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Power Cylinder Rebuilds
Power Cylinder components
Cylinder Frame Bracket
Ford/Bendix style Power Cylinder
  Unit is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, blasted and painted
  Stud and shaft threads are repaired
  Slight bends in shaft straightened
Parts ALWAYS replaced include:
  All seals, retainers and shaft wipers
  Hose flare seats
  Stud boot and crimp clamp
Stud Boot Crimp Clamp
Not all rebuilders, including national parts rebuilders, replace the hose flare seats. WE ALWAYS INSTALL NEW HOSE SEATS.

Some rebuilders do not replace the Stud Boot if still serviceable or install it with a plastic tie-wrap instead of the correct crimp-style metal band. WE ALWAYS REPLACE THE STUD BOOT ALONG WITH THE CORRECT CRIMP-STYLE METAL CLAMP.
If you send in the Frame Mount Bracket alnog with your Power Cylinder, we will clean, blast and paint the bracket at no extra charge.
Power Cylinders are painted with a combination of dark Cast Iron and Stainless Steel paint. At your rquest, we can brush the parts to a natural metal finish and clear-coat seal to give a more natural appearance for cars requiring a more "concours" look.

If you send in your power cylinder with the frame mount bracket still attached, we will clean, blast and paint the bracket at no extra charge. If the power cylinder is still attached to the centerlink, we will remove it properly and reinstall it to the link for you.
Complete Rebuild - 1961 to 1978 Ford/Bendix style Power Cylinder
$ 55.00
$ 65.00
All Ford/Bendix Power Cylinder assembly rebuilds have a One-Year Warranty

For more information on our Power Cylinder Warranty, Return Policy and Core Policy,
At this time we are unable to replace badly worn, rusted or bent cylinder rods and pistons. We hope soon to be able to provide this service.
If you wish to send in your Ford Power Cylinder assembly for us to rebuild,
please go
HERE for shipping instructions and details
Without Stretch Boot & Mount Bushing Kit ...........................................
With Stretch Boot & Mount Bushing Kit ................................................
Stretch Boot & Frame Mount Bushings
Stretch Boot with Frame Mount
Bracket Bushing set
Prices Effective
Jan 2008