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We will replace or repair, at our discretion, any part and/or component that is determined by us to be defective due to workmanship and/or materials. Freight and insurance charges for return of defective parts must be prepaid by the purchaser.
The warranty expressed is limited to the value of the parts and/or components sold and is in lieu of all warranties either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and/or fitness of the product for particular purpose which warranties are expressly herein disclaimed. No incidental or consequential damages shall be allowed. We are not responsible for loss or injury incurred from use or operation of our products or for damages for removal or replacement costs, shipping costs, or costs incurred to down time of any vehicle in which our products are installed. We are not responsible for any loss, indirect use of our products, or the inability of the purchaser to determine proper use, application or installation of our products. Our warranty only covers the repair or replacement of that particular product.
Acceptance or use of any product supplied by us will constutute an acceptance of our warranty and limited liability policy as listed above.
Ford Non-Integral style Steering Boxes ...................
Ford/Bendix style Control Valve Assemblies
Ford/Bendix style Hydraulic Power Cylinders
Ford/Eaton style Power Steering Pumps
Ford/Thompson style Power Steering Pumps
Ford C-II style Power Steering Pumps
Two Years
One Year
One Year
One Year
One Year
One Year
Please follow this procedure for returning any items to us
1)  Contact us first by email or phone with the Invoice Number and Date from the sale of the item, and as complete of description as possible for the
     reason for returning the item.
2)  We will give you a Return Authorization Number (RA#) to write on the outside of the package.
2)  Carefully remove the item from the car. We are not responsible for any damage done to the part due to improper installation or removal. Please drain
     as much power steering fluids as possible and wrap securely to avoid leakage which may damage the box or prevent delivery by the carrier.
3)  Package the item well and return Freight Prepaid. We will not accept any COD shipments.
4)  Upon receiving the shipment, we will inspect the item and repair, replace or issue credit, which ever we feel is called for in the situation.
2)  Any disassembly of any rebuilt unit, either partial or fully, without prior approval, will void the warranty.
3)  Steering Boxes are fully adjusted and lubricated to factory specs when rebuilt. Any attempt to change either adjustment on the box or add lubricant,
     without prior approval, will void the warranty.
4)  Control Valve/Ball Stud Assemblies are adjusted to factory specs when rebuilt. Any changes made to this adjustment, without prior approval, will void
     the warranty.
5)  Control Valve/Ball Stud Assemblies are fully lubricated when rebuilt to last through the One Year Warranty period. Additional lubrication during this
     time may cause the unit to hydraulically lock and operate improperly. This is not covered by warranty. Any Control Valve/Ball Stud Assembly returned
     under warranty, and found to have been over-filled with lubricant, and this being the cause of the improper operation, will not be repaired under
6)  Any damage to a rebuilt unit cause by improper installation or removal will not be repaired under warranty.
7)  All rebuilt hydraulic components, except C-II style pumps, are designed and fitted with seals compatible with Ford Type "F" fluid only. Use of
     aftermarket "power steering fluid"or Dexron-style fluids may cause leaks, damage or improper operation, and may void the warranty.
1)  In certain rare circumstances, a rebuilt unit may need an adjustment or modification that may jepardize the warranty of the unit. This in itself may not
     void the warranty of the rebuilt unit. If there is any question about this, please contact us before proceding. Some adjustments or modifications may be
     allowed under warranty if prior notification is given us and we give approval.
Warranty period will begin upon "Invoice Date of Sale" to original End User.
We realize that many times a customer will have parts rebuilt for their car and then install then at a later date or the car may sit for some time before the parts are put in service. If this will be the case, please notify us when you send your parts in. We will try to work with you in the event that the part is technically out of warranty date but has not seen the intended amount of service. If you have a problem and your part is out of warranty date, contact us anyway and let us know. It will be up to our discretion whether to repair or replace a part that is out of warranty.
Return all parts to:
24165 IH-10 WEST
SUITE 217-282
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS  78257-1159