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Sending in Parts for Rebuild, Packaging and Shipping
1)  You can send your parts to us by any method is easiest for you (UPS, Post Office, FedEx, DHL, etc.). Do not send parts freight collect as they will not be accepted.  The shipping address is:
Precision Products
24165 IH-10 West
Suite 217-282
San Antonio, Texas 78257-1159
NOTE: Occasionally someone will try to ship a part to me and the shipping company (usually UPS) will have a problem with the address. The "IH-10" stands for Interstate Highway 10, so if there is a problem, you might try "IH10" or "I-10" and see if that works. If the UPS people tell you the address is still not good, tell them they are idiots, because the address is for a UPS Store!
If a phone number is required for shipping, or you have any questions about sending your parts out, I can be reached at:
Phone    210-687-1313   Monday-Friday   9am - 5pm  Central
Fax         206-350-2357
Email      stanger53@gmail.com
Packing Your Parts for Shipping
1)  Please package the parts securely to prevent damage. We will be trying to return the parts to you in the same box.
Steering Boxes - The long shaft boxes tend to break through cardboard and stick out of the package. Be sure to package the box to prevent this. The threads and splines on the end of the long shafts and the sector threads where the pitman arm bolts on are easily damaged. Slip a piece of heater hose over the end or wrap heavily with paper and duct tape to protect them.
Ford Steering Pumps - If sending the pump with the pulley still mounted, pack well around the pulley to prevent damage in the event that the box is dropped or bumped.The return hose nipple is very weak and easily broken off or bent. Package the pump in the box so that the return hose nipple, pressure fitting and filler neck are not directly against the side of the package where they can be bent if the box is dropped or bumped.
Ford C-II Steering Pumps - The plastic reservoir has a thin return hose nipple that is easily broken off. Pack the pump well so that the return nipple is protected and not near the sides of the package.
2)  Please drain all fluids as thoroughly as possible. Wrap parts in plastic garbage bags. Post office and UPS may not ship a package that has fluid damage showing as it violates their rules. Power steering fluid also weakens cardboard boxes and unsticks most packing tapes.
3)  Please include a letter with the shipment containing the information listed above.
4)  We recommend insuring the shipment for at least the core value of the parts to protect yourself in case a package is lost or damaged. Do not forget to add value for any brackets, pulleys, linkage or other miscellaneous parts you send. Being the shipper, you will be responsible for filing if a package is lost or damaged. We cannot be held liable for items lost or damaged in shipment.
For information on how to remove the parts properly from your car, and how to package them for shipment, go to the Removal page
2)  Package the parts as well as you can. See the section below for recommendations. Many parts are damaged during shipment because they were not
      packaged and protected well. We cannot be responsible for damage done during shipment.
3)  Include a letter or packing slip inside the package or securely fastened to the outside of the package. To avoid delays and mix-ups with other incoming
      shipments, please include the following information
a )  Your name, return shipping address, daytime phone number and email address.
b )  Include copies of any emails we may have exchanged concerning your parts
c )  Any specific details about how you want your parts prepared that may not be part of a standard rebuild
, such
      as paint color or finish, pre-assembly of separate components, dust boots, steering box ratio changes, etc.
d )  Any details we may have discussed by phone or email about the work being done
e )  Unless you specify you want any old or replaced parts returned to you, all old parts will be scrapped
4)  After we have received your parts, they will be disassembled, cleaned and inspected. If the parts look rebuildable, we will procede to do the work. If we find anything extra that needs to be done or replaced, that had not been previously discussed and would incur extra costs, we will contact you by phone or email with an estimate of the extra costs before proceding.
5)  We try to rebuild your parts and get them back to you as quickly as possible. How long it takes to rebuild your parts depends on:
a )  What other work is already in the shop and in process before your parts arrive
b )  What special repairs or preparations your parts require and any machine work that may need to be done
c )  How many pieces you send in and what overall condition they are in
d )  The availability of any special or replacement parts that may be needed
e )  Any delays due to not providing us with important information or circumstances involving your parts
Turn around of your parts depends on what you send us, what needs to be done, and what other jobs are in line ahead of you. Let us know if there is any special rush or deadline you need to meet, such as an upcoming car show. Most delays are a result of miscommunication and can be avoided. Also, please allow for the shipping time, both coming and going.
6)  You are responsible for all return shipping charges and fees. Our standard method of shipping is by UPS Ground Service. This is usually a 2-5 working
      day transit within the USA, depending on distance. If you need the part shipped quicker, and are willing to pay the extra charges, your part can be sent
      UPS Next Day, 2-Day or 3-Day Service.
      Parts sent outside of the USA are shipped by Airmail Parcel Post. We have found the postal service to be much cheaper than UPS when shipping
      outside the continental United States.
      We always insure the parts we send out in case the package is lost or the contents damaged. This is added in to the shipping costs.
7)  The prefered method of payment is VISA / MASTERCARD, but we also accept PayPal.. Money Orders and Personal Checks can be accepted,
      but having them clear the bank will be required before the parts can be shipped back to you. For any other payment plans, please make prior