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Ford Pump Rebuilding
Ford Pump components
Ford/Thompson style Power Steering Pump
  Pump is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, blasted and painted
  Cam Pack is rebuilt with new pressure springs
  Input shaft is polished and bolt hole re-tapped
  Pump is pressure checked for minimum 600psi
  All bolt holes are cleaned and re-tapped
Items ALWAYS replaced include:
  All seals, gaskets, fiber washers, o'rings & cam pack springs
Items replaced if needed include:
  Cam pack side plates
  Pressure valve assembly
  Pressure housing canister
  Front main pump housing
  Bolts, springs and nuts
All pumps and related parts are painted to protect the part and give the proper color and finish of the original parts.

Ford pumps are painted either semi-gloss Black or special Ford Pump Blue/Green, depending on customer preference.

All ID tags, fitting nuts, dipsticks and filler caps are done is Stainless Steel paint. All other mounting bolts are done in Cast Iron.

Steel mounting brackets are done in semi-gloss Black and aluminum brackets are done in Alum-Blast.

Pulleys are painted semi-gloss Black.
Complete Rebuild - 1965 to 1977 Ford/Thompson Pump
Extra Parts & Services    (Not included in standard rebuild)
Pump Shaft Bushing - If old bushing is worn or damaged, replace with NEW bushing ........
Input Shaft -
If old shaft is worn or damaged, replace with good used part ........................
Front Pump Housing -
If old part is cracked or damaged, replace with good used part .......
Cam Pack -
If old cam pack is burnt up or damaged, replace with good used part ...............
Cam Pack -
If old cam pack is burnt up or damaged, replace with NEW part ........................
All Ford Pump assembly rebuilds have a One-Year Warranty

For more information on our Ford Pump Warranty and Return Policy,
$ 50.00
$ 54.00
$   5.00
$ 15.00
$ 20.00
$ 15.00
$ 31.40
if available
NOTE: Some parts are only available with the rebuilding service
If you wish to send in your Ford Power Steering Pump assembly for us to rebuild,
please go
HERE for shipping instructions and details
Standard Finish in Semi-Gloss Black .....................................................................
Special Finish in correct Ford Pump Blue/Green
Prices Effective
Sep 2008
1967-1968 Pump Bracket
Pump Bracket to Water Pump
Some people who rebuild Mustang and early Ford Thompson-style pumps, only do a "re-seal" of the pump, and do not fully disassemble the pump or rebuild the cam pack. We always completely disassemble and inspect each pump and every cam pack gets a rebuild with eight new slipper springs.
Some rebuilders simply spray-bomb the pump with a black rebuilders paint. We always paint our rebuilds with the correct color and finish you specify.
Some rebuilders let their pumps go out producing a low level of pressure. Our pumps must meet a minimum test of 600psi at low speed to pass.
Some rebuilders have only a 30-day or 90-day warranty on their pumps. We have a full
One Year Warranty.
Power steering pumps have often been replaced over the years and so many cars no longer have the correct style pump canister on them. One problem of this is the return hose nipple often does not point in the right direction to properly fit to the return hose. For example, many 1965-1969 Mustang pumps now have a canister that points the return hose nipple upward or towards the fender, whereas the nipple originally pointed more downward. Many people find that when they try to install the return hose that the hose is too short or kinks because the hose has to stretch to slide onto the nipple.
When we rebuild your pump, if the return hose nipple is supposed to be pointing downward for a correct connection to the return hose, we will "re-clock" the return hose nipple to the correct position at no extra charge. If the return hose nipple is bent, we will straighten it, and if it needs re-soldering, we will do so at no extra charge.
We try to repair any small damage to the pump canister. We repair the edge lip, straighten the holes for the pressure fitting and support stud, and hammer out some of the dents and dimples. We can often straighten bent filler necks. However, we are not "bodymen". We cannot repair major or critically placed dents in the canister. If you want a smooth, straight canister - send us an acceptable core for rebuild.
Ford Pump Pulley
If you do not have the special tools required to remove and replace the pulley, just send the pump in with the pulley still mounted. We will properly remove the pulley, clean, blast and paint to the correct semi-flat black, and reinstall onto the pump, at no extra charge.
Pump Bracket - 1965-1966 V8
1967 & 1968 Rear Pump Brackets
1965-1966 Pump Caps & Dipsticks
If you send in the pump mounting brackets, bolts, nuts or dipstick, we will clean, blast and paint them the correct color at no extra charge.