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1965-1966 Mustang
with 289 and Factory Air Conditioning
Custom Auto Air in Florida is currently reproducing a reservoir can intended for the Ford/Thompson style power steering pump used in 1965-1966 Mustangs with the 289-V8 engine and Factory-style Air Conditioning. This is style pump is becoming harder to find in good condition and even a good rebuildable core is getting expensive. Though not all Ford pump internal parts will swap into this reservoir, many will or can be modified to fit during a rebuild. It is the reservoir can itself that is difficult to find in good condition.
That is the reason for the availability for this reproduction part. However, our experience with this new part has shown that there are some properties that are not readily apparent and should be considered by any prospective buyer.
Repro Can
The reproduction reservoir has the right shape, contours and hole location that it correct for the Mustang, but the return hose nipple is angled upwards at a 45' angle, similar to a Galaxie pump reservoir. The original-style return hose is too short to reach this nipple without kinking or over-stretching. The nipple must be "re-clocked" to prevent an original or correct length hose from kinking and blocking fluid return to the reservoir. NOTE: Some vendors list a reservoir with the correct angle return nipple. I don't know if they are being made this way now or are modified by the vendor.
Repro Can
1965-1966 Mustang V8 w/AC
The original reservoir had a return hose nipple that slanted downwards, pointing to the lower frame rail. The original return hose will easily fit onto this nipple without problem.
Repro can rear holes
The holes in the reservoir for the pressure fitting and mounting stud are poorly done on the reproduction. The holes look like they were drilled rather than stamped out of the metal like the originals. The diameter is irregular and the surface uneven. Since these holes must be clamped with sealing washers on the inside surface, these holes must be smoothed and flattened to prevent fluid leakage.
Repro can rear holes
The filler neck is soldered onto the main piece of the reservoir. We have only had about six people request installation of a reproduction reservoir, but in each instance the joint where the filler tube met the can leaked due to poor installation. The overall fit seemed alright but there was too little solder coverage and the joint was poorly joined.
Because good correct pump reservoirs are becoming difficult to find for the 1965-1966 Mustang, the use of this reproduction reservoir is likely to increase. However, to make the  part correct in form and function, it will need some modifications.

If you wish to use one of these reproduction reservoirs on your rebuilt pump, you will have to re-clock the return hose nipple to the correct angle, repair the pressure fitting and mounting stud holes for proper sealing, and re-solder the filler neck for a strong and leak-free fit.
In pictures, it looks like the reservoir has a nickel-plating surface. However, it is actually painted and the paint comes off fairly easily. Soldering the reservoirs will burn off the paint and will require the cans to be sandblasted and re-painted. Because of the poor quality painting on the can, this procedure should be considered anyway.
UPDATE - Lately have been getting repro reservoirs in that have the correct return hose nipple clocking and the problem with the leaking filler neck repaired. In order to keep the filler neck from leaking where is mounts to the can, instead of doing a thorough soldering job, they have swabbed the inside seam with an epoxy sealer. It's an improvement.