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The Quick-Steering Kit was originally installed on 1965 & 1966 Shelby Mustangs. Consisting of a longer Pitman Arm and Idler Arm, they increased the "throw" or travel the steering box imparted to the centerlink, increasing the movement of the steering linkage in relation to steering wheel rotation. All of these cars came equipped with the 16:1 quick-ratio steering boxes with no power steering. It was designed so the driver had to turn the steering wheel only a small amount to steer the car while racing on a roadcourse.
The Quick-Steering Kit is still available and installation is a common modification for people wanting to increase their steering ratio. Keep in mind, on a 16:1 ratio steering box like the Shelby Mustangs used, the turning effort will be very hard and make parking and slow maneuvering an unpleasant task. It was designed for use at speed where small movements of the steering wheel were all that was needed to negotiate a roadcourse. It was never intended for everday use and parking lot trolling.
Shelby Quick Steering Kit
This kit only fits properly on 1965 & 1966 Mustangs with manual steering.
1)  It does not fit mid-year1967 to1970 Mustangs because the Pitman Arm requires a steering box with
     a 1.0" diameter sector shaft
2)  It does not fit early 1967 Mustangs equipped with a 1.0" sector shaft because the Idler Arm will not
      mount to the 1967 and later Centerlink.
3)  It does not fit 1965 & 1966 Mustangs with Power Steering because the increased length of the
     Pitman Arm moves the Centerlink farther forward than stock. This causes the angle where the Power
     Cylinder mounts to the Centerlink to be much greater than stock. The swivel joint where the Power
     Cylinder mounts to the Centerlink may not have enough travel to accomodate this increase and may
     bind, causing steering linkage problems and possible breakage.
Pitman Arm comparison
The picture to the right compares a stock 1965/1966 Mustang pitman arm on top to the Quick-Steering Kit pitman arm below. Notice the extra length of the arm which increases the leverage and travel of the centerlink.
The idler arm is similarly increased in length to match, thus maintaining the correct steering linkage geometry. The idler arm basically is there to hold up the passenger-side steering lnkage and make sure it moves left-right without any up and down movement. Although the Quick-Steering Kit idler arm comes with stock-type rubber bushings, it can also be upgraded to an Idler Arm Bearing Kit for ease of movement.
STOCK 1965/1966 MUSTANG V8
Quick Kit Casting Numbers
Although not all aftermarket kits may have casting numbers, these pieces have Ford-style casting numbers and the Ford logo. They are specialty pieces and were not original equipment on another application.
Pitman Arm  XRR-25479
Idler Arm  XRR-25490-A1A