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Vintage Mustang Forum
The best forum for 1964-1973 Mustangs on the web. Sections for regional areas of the USA, Cars & Parts For Sale
Mustang Steve
Manufacturer of early Mustang clutch pedal bearing & cable clutch conversions, Power Brake Booster & Dual Reservoir system, Granada conversion tie rod adapters. Great Q&A Forum
FordSix Forum
The place to go for information on Ford Inline Six-Cylinder Engines and Drivetrains. Extensive, friendly forum for all types of discussion. Information on Argentine and Australian versions of Ford engines. Over 1400 members and growing
Specialty supplier and manufacturer of high-performance parts for Ford 170/200/250 engines, including Headers, Camshafts, Roller Timing Sets, Gear Drives, Aussie heads, Oil Pans, Roller Rockers and more
HipoMustang.com     Site dedicated to information and registry of the 1964-1967 289 K-code Mustangs. Has many forums and boards specializing in the 289HP engine, drivetrain, car features and specifications
Ultrastang.com       A great site with extensive pictures and information on Ford 9" axles, EFI conversions and Lincoln rear disc brake conversions
PriceMotorsport.com     Manufacturer of adapter plates to mount different Ford cylinder heads to other Ford blocks, such as 351C heads to a 289/302 engine