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Ford Power Steering Pump Pulley ID
1965 - 1979
ID Code  Chart with applications, cross-fits, diameter and pulley belt widths for 1965-1979 Ford passenger cars with Eaton and Ford power steering pumps
Eaton pump pulleys were made of cast iron and loose fit onto the pump shaft. The pulley was retained by a bolt and washer mounted in the end of the pump input shaft and was connected to the shaft by a Woodruff key. Many Eaton pulleys had some kind of casting numbers or letters on them, but generally did not have a code or signifying number cast into them for identification purposes. Because of this, it is neccesary to identify Eaton pump pulleys by measurement and comparison.
Ford pump pulleys are stamped out of steel and brazed together. They are press-fitted to the pump shaft. The pulleys have a special snout on the front expressly for the proper tools needed to remove and replace the pulley on the shaft without damage. Because of this press-fit, they require no retaining bolt or key.
From the introduction of the Ford/TRW style pump in 1965 until 1969, the pulleys had a number/letter code stamped into the outer flange for identification. Starting in 1970 Ford started to stamp partial part numbers into the flange. Occasionally you will run across a pulley that looks Ford but has no identifiable code or part number stamped on it. These pulleys were probably used in dealer-installed power steering kits or were replacement pulleys when aftermarket air conditioning systems were installed on the car.
Pump Pulley ID Markings
1965-1969 style with "code"
15/16 Height
1970 and later style with "engineering number"
BELTS - Refers to used with or without dual alternator belts
ALTERNATE SIZES - refers to different sizes listed in some parts books
Some of this basic information is taken directly from Ford Dealer Parts Catalogs. Often the books would show different Sheave Widths for the same number pulley, depending on application.. Some of this is due to slightly different sizes on replacement pulleys listed for the same application. Always check pulley width to be sure belt will seat sufficiently in groove.
1 3/4" Ht
NOTE: Eaton pump pulleys are slip-fit onto the input shaft, use a Woodruff key, and are retained by a bolt and lockwasher
Ford pump pulleys are pressed fit onto the input shaft, and require special tools to remove and install without damaging the pulley or pump.
Ford Pump Pulley ID Chart
Ford Pump Pulley ID Chart