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1958-1967 Eaton Power Steering Pump
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This section pertains to the Eaton-style Power Steering Pump used by Ford mostly until Ford came out with its own TRW-design pump..It was also used on many large model Ford trucks. Many American cars made before the mid-sixties used a variation of an Eaton pump. There were several variations on the Eaton Power Steering Pump, but they all used similar parts and functioned the same way.
This section explains how the Eaton pump works and what it does. Includes pictures of disassembled cylinder and its inner workings
This section has pictures of some of the many forms the Eaton Pump can take. These photos can be used to identify pumps and also shows some of the varied styles we are familiar with rebuilding.
How Does It Work?
Can I Rebuild It Myself?
This section shows the problems not covered by the shop manual, but common on the rebuilding of a 35 - 45 year old pump.. Shows how a typical rebuild may be beyond the means of a generic rebuild kit and the home mechanic
Pump Mounting Brackets
This section deals with the different mounting brackets that connects the pump to the engine. Show pictures of the most popular engine brackets
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