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Pictures and applications of various Ford centerlinks, also know as drag links
Maverick Centerlink
Control Valve Extension
1965 Falcon Centerlink
1965/1966 Mustang V8 Centerlink
Control Valve Extension
This was used on the 1964 Falcon and 1965/1966 Mustang 6cyl cars to adapt the Control Valve assembly to the Centerlink. It used special shoulder-style bolts and tapered nuts to mount it.
Assorted Centerlinks
1964 Falcon - Power Steering
1965/1966 Mustang - 6 cyl Power Steering
1965/1966 Mustang - V8 Power Steering
Many people think the early Mustang used all Falcon-style steering, and that the linkage interchanges, but much of the Falcon parts are unique. The centerlink for the 1965 Falcon is specific to that year and model only, even though it looks very much like a Mustang link, and is often mistaken for one.
The length of the two links are different, as is the location of all the mounting holes for the ideler arm and tie rod ends. The easiest way to tell the two apart is to look at the drivers side end of the link and see how it flares to the ball stud sleeve.
To the left is a Falcon link. Notice how the bar comes up to the sleeve area and there is an abrupt shoulder.
On the Mustang link, shown on the right, the bar tapers up to the sleeve area gradually.
Mustang V8
1971 Maverick