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Non-Integral Style Ford Steering Boxes
Steering Box components
Steering Box Components
  Steering box is thoroughly disassembled, cleaned &
  All external parts are painted with a dark Cast Iron
  New Sector Shaft Needle Bearings pressed into
  New Input Shaft Ball Thrust Bearings pressed into
    housing & nut
  Input Shaft bearing surfaces are polished
  All thread holes are re-tapped
  Die used to clean threads on Sector Shaft
  New Sector Shaft Seal installed in housing
  Input Shaft Bearing Load is set to factory specs
  Gear Teeth Mesh Load is set to factory specs
  Box is filled with new lithium-based grease
If needed, the following parts are replaced at no extra charge:
  Recirculating Ball Bearings
  Recirculating Bearing Guides, Guide Retainer or screws
  Top Plate, Plate Bolts, Adjustment Screw or Lock Nut
  Input Shaft Bearing Adjusting Nut or Lock Ring
  Input Shaft Bottom Bearing Plug
  Input Shaft Rubber Water Seal (short shaft boxes)
When you send in your steering box for a rebuild, if you send the Pitman Arm and attaching parts along with it, we will clean, blast and paint the pieces at no extra charge.
If you send in your Steering Coupler, we will clean, blast and (if you request) clear-coat it at no extra charge.
Steering Boxes are normally refinished in a dark cast-iron paint to simulate the natural cast finish and provide protection against corrosion. If you request, boxes can be brushed to a more natural finish and clear-coat protected for a more concours appearance.
If you send your box in with the Pitman Arm still attached, we will properly remove, clean, blast, paint and reinstall the arm for your convenience at no extra charge.
If your box is disassembled, cleaned for inspection, and found to have other damage or worn components that need replacing, we will contact you before  working any futher on your box.
If you want your core returned to you without doing a rebuild, there will be a
$ 10.00 service fee to cover our costs of teardown, cleaning and inspection.
Complete Rebuild - 1956/1973 Non-Integral Style  (No hydraulic lines into box) .......................
$ 140.00
Prices Effective
Sep 2008
Extra Parts & Services  (Not included in standard rebuild)
Replace Input Shaft - Replace worn or damaged Input Shaft/Worm Gear with good used part ........
Replace Rack Block -
Replace worn or damaged Rack Block with good used part ........................
Replace Sector Shaft -
Replace worn or damaged Sector Shaft with good used part ....................
Replace Gear Housing -
Replace Gear Housing with used housing with correct casting number ...
Re-Thread Input Shaft
- Turn down & re-thread steering wheel threads ....................................
NOTE: Some parts are only available with the rebuilding service
$   25.00
$   25.00
$   25.00
$   25.00
$   20.00
All Steering Box rebuilds have a Two-Year Warranty

Why pay twice as much for a new repro import steering box that only has a One-Year warranty?

For more information on our Steering Box Warranty, Return Policy and Core Policy,
If you wish to send in your Ford Steering Box assembly for us to rebuild,
please go
HERE for shipping instructions and details
Sector Shaft Bearings
Some places rebuilding Mustang & Ford steering boxes re-use old bearings, particularly the input shaft thrust bearings. WE ALWAYS USE NEW BEARINGS IN OUR REBUILDS.
Some rebuilders advertise and use an "improved" sector shaft bearing for better lubrication. This is simply a cheaper needle bearing with fewer needles inside it and allows a slightly greater chance of grease to get into the bearing. It also provides less support for the sector shaft and allows more play in the gear mesh. WE ALWAYS USE THE BEARING WITH THE GREATER SURFACE SUPPORT. This is the same needle count style as the original bearings.