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Complete Control Valve Rebuild Kit
Rebuild kit for control valves with 1/4" tube pressure hose seat
(Typically most 1960 to 1967 Fords)
Rebuild kit for control valves with 5/16" tube pressure hose seat
(Typically most 1968-1975 Fords)
Hose Tube Seat Set
plus $4.95
Priority Mail
This is the finest and most complete Control Valve and Ball Stud rebuild kit available. It has all the parts you should need to overhaul your rebuildable control valve core. The parts are the best replacement parts, several critical parts made by the original supplier to Ford. They have been used in thousands of successful rebuilds and kits.
This is not a cheapo rebuild kit made up of poor quality repro parts and missing others. It is a complete overhaul kit to do a professional level rebuild. This kit is the best because:
Contains all the important parts needed for a thorough rebuild, including the Bumper Stop,  
   which is not in some kits
The most critical parts, the Ball Stud and Ball Stud Seats, are made by Bendix, the original
   manufacturer and supplier of the parts to Ford. They have the correct design, heat-treating and
   look of the original parts because they are like original parts. Some kits use repro studs and
   seats which are not made correctly and can cause binding and insufficient movement of the
The bronze Ball Stud Bushing is made by the original manufacturer, Federal-Mogul.
The Ball Stud Boot has a spring-loaded hole to seal to the Ball Stud, just like the original boot.
   In some kits the boot has a simple hole in the rubber and doesn't seal well.
The Ball Stud Boot Clamp is plated and is much heavier than even the original style clamp
This kit also contains four new aluminum Tube Seats for all the hoses that go into the valve
   housing. Other kits do not have these seats, even though they must be replaced during a
   complete rebuild. Old seats are always grooved and damaged from prior hose installations and
   will usually not seal properly, even to new hoses. These seats are new and made of aluminum,
   like the originals.
This kit has the best instructions available. While most kits have one page of barely legible
   copied instructions (if any at all), our instructions are complete and illustrated and explain the
   removal, disassembly, cleaning, inspection, reassembly and adjustment of the valve. They were
   written with the home mechanic in mind and take into account that these units are 25-45 years
   old and have certain common characteristics and problems. They are better instructions than
   any magazine article and even the Ford shop manuals.
Determining Port Size and Kit
Hose Positions on Control Valve
Since many control valves have been swapped and replaced over the years, most cars no longer have the correct valve housing on them. To decide which kit you need, use the diagram and description below determine pressure port size.
If the valve still has the Pressure Hose mounted to it, look at the fitting where the hose goes into the valve. If a 7/16" open-end wrench fits on the fitting, the valve has a 1/4" pressure port. If a 1/2" wrench fits, then the valve has a 5/16" pressure port
If the valve has no Pressure Hose in it, compare the size of the holes where the two Cylinder Hoses go and the hole where the Pressure Hose goes. If the Pressure Hose hole is smaller than the Cylinder Hose holes, the valve has a 1/4" Pressure Port. If the Pressure Port hole is the same size as the Cylinder Hose holes, the valve has a 5/16" Pressure Port.
Aluminum End Cap
New Aluminum
End Cap

$ 16.95
New Spool

$ 4.95
New Ball Stud Boot
with Clamp & Screws

$ 4.95
New Ball Stud
Bronze Bushing

$ 11.95
Ball Stud Bushing
Spool Valve
New Spool Valve
Coming 2009
New Ball Stud Boot
with Concours Clamp

Coming 2009
Special Spool Valve Seals
$ 2.00
For spool 9/16" on one end
For spool with housing that
requires beveled seal lip
Centering Spring
Ball Stud Dust Boot & Clamp
Spool Seal with Beveled Edge
For questions, or to order:
Phone    210-687-1313
Fax         206-350-2357